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Docked allowance

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"I guess this isn't a good time to ask for a raise in my allowance..." — artwork by Collegeboy.

An allowance is recurring sum of money given to a dependent to spend as they wish. This is generally separate from basic needs, and as such is viewed as a privilege when the dependant in question is a minor. More mature recipients may in addition have some of their needs be supplied via a special allowance—like a clothing allowance—where they are free to spend it on that need to their own tastes. Adult dependents may instead be the recipients of a living allowance that is meant to cover all their basic needs, and is more likely to be treated like an earned wage than a privilege.

Docked allowanceEdit

Docked allowance is a removal of privilege punishment where an allowance is temporarily in whole or in part reduced.

Stereotypically, a chore is expected behavior from the minor. Docking their allowance is a logical punishment for failure to fulfill such chores. This is the reverse of work for which you receive a wage in compensation, as work is not still expected to be done even without the pay, unlike a chore. Docked allowance can also be the punitive response to bad grades under the allegory that school is the child's job. Docked allowance can also be a logical punishment for financial damages caused, either by vandalism or carelessness, e.g. accidental breakage or loss of items belonging to others, though typically the docked allowance is not measured to cover the actual cost of the damage, unless the same is small enough for it.

Docked allowance can also compared with grounding for teens, as much of their leisure activities are often covered by their allowance.

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