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Anniston City Schools

Anniston City Schools is a school district serving the city of Anniston, Alabama.

It includes the following schools:

  • Anniston High School
  • Anniston Middle School
  • Cobb Elementary
  • Constantine Elementary
  • Golden Springs Elementary
  • Randolph Park Elementary
  • Tenth Street Elementary


In December 2004 the School Board decided to retain the use of corporal punishment. Under the policy, principals and teachers may paddle students for minor or intermediate violations of the disciplinary code.[1]

At Anniston High School, only the Principal or Vice-Principal may spank students. Parents who do not wish corporal punishment to be used must sign a form asking that some other penalty be applied.[2]

In academic year 2008-09 there were 528 disciplinary paddlings in the Anniston schools system, none of which occurred at the High School.[3]


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