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Traité du fouet, et de ses effets sur le physique de l'amour, ou Aphrodisiaque externe (1788)

Aphrodisiaque externe ou Traité du fouet et de ses effets sur le physique et l'amour is a medico-philosophical treatise on the erogenous effects of whipping, first published in Paris in 1788. It is attributed to François Amédée Doppet (1753-1799), a physician and writer who later became a general in the French army.


Meibom and Paullini had previously described and explained an erogenous effect of buttocks whipping on males by heat that goes into the kidneys, or testicles. Doppet continues this view and expands these theories to the female gender: women get aroused by the same process, with the heat ascending into the vagina. He also reports on the use of castigations in prostitution: even at the entry of „locations where lust is for sale“ one could see various means of castigation. „If you ask, like the simple man from the countryside, what for these weapons are meant? she will answer you in a childlike manner that they serve for pleasure.“

Whereas Meibom and Paullini had held positive views of flagellation and its curative as well as erogenous effects, Doppet concentrated on the latter and saw flagellation as a potential danger, as it could lead to sexual stimulation even in cases where the same was not desirable. Doppet advised that children should not be beaten on their buttocks, so as not to awaken their sexual instinct, and that one should not talk about castigating and discipline in the presence of nuns, since „the female sex is more easily excited, and so more subject to pollutions.“


The book appeared in German translation as Das Geißeln und seine Einwirkung auf den Geschlechtstrieb, oder das äußerliche Aphrodisiacum. An English translation was published under the title Castigation and its effect on the sexual instinct.

The book, in French, was reissued in November 2004 under ISBN 2-915114-08-0.

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