BDSM stories featuring minors

BDSM stories featuring minors are a disputed sub-genre of BDSM stories. In some legislations, BDSM stories featuring minors can fall under the definition of illegal child pornography if certain criteria are met.

Most BDSM fans, and practically everyone outside the BDSM community, oppose such stories, and their fandom is clearly very small. The genre is disputed and in some countries banned because its content matter can be seen as an eroticization of sadomasochistic child abuse — which, even when such stories are purely fictional, are considered a greater issue than the same kind of fictional abuse where the "victim" is an adult character (adult/adult BDSM stories).

The authors of such stories typically publish all their works anonymously or pseudonymously, and only one or two websites are willing to host such stories at all. Due to the legal uncertainty and the great public opposition to the genre, people are strongly warned to write, publish or host such stories at their own risk.

BDSM stories involving minors vs. child spanking storiesEdit

BDSM stories involving minors may involve some form of corporal punishment including spanking, but are in several respects considerably different from the genre of child spanking stories. The following elements are usually never found in spanking stories and as such can be seen as "red flags" which differentiate the two genres:


In United States law, literature can not be child pornography, only visual media such as photos or videos can. Literature may fall under laws governing obscenity and/or violence (regulating where and how it may be published), but will remain protected free speech as long as no real children were involved in the creation or distribution of such fiction. The US Supreme Court ruled on April 16, 2002 that adult material depicting minors that was not made through the use of any actual minor is protected free speech. The ruling was against the Child Pornography Prevention Act of 1996 (CPPA). See Alt Sex Stories Text Repository for more on that topic.

In other countries, the laws differ and certain kinds of literature, such as BDSM stories involving minors, can be illegal to create, possess, read, or publish.


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