Sketch of a bolster.


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Artwork by Tommy Tippie.

A bolster is a type of long pillow or cushion that can be a separate item or part of an armchair, sofa or bed. Bolsters are often cylindrical, but can also be differently shaped. They are made of fabric and filled with cotton wool, down, or fibre. Bolsters provide a comfortable support for the head, back or arms of the person resting on them.

A Yoga bolster is a type of flattened bolster that is used in Yoga. It is stuffed harder than usual bolsters.

Bolsters and spankingEdit

Bolsters can be placed under the spankee's body when he or she is laid over a chair, stool, sofa, bed or on the floor for a spanking. The usual placement is horizontal under the spankee's pelvis to raise the spankee's bottom to a more spankable position. Such a bolster can also make the position more comfortable for the spankee due to the added padding under the pelvis. An alternative placement (which requires a bigger bolster) is lengthwise under the spankee's torso. This provides a pad for the entire torso and results in a kind of straddling position if the bolster extends between the spankee's legs.

Alternatively, a heap of one to three normal cushions, or a rolled-up blanket or towel can be used for the same purpose.

Bolsters are relatively easy to make custom, and some spankos have created special "spanking bolsters".

The spanking graphic novel Jade growing up again features a recurring piece of spanking furniture named memory bench that is a padded bench with a bolster fixed to one end. A very similar furniture can be seen in Tommy Tippie's artwork to the right.

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