Brat war dance

A schoolboy doing the brat war dance after getting the slipper for forgetting his PE kit. Drawing by Comixpank (2003).

The brat war dance or spankee dance is a possible event immediately following a sound spanking.

After a spankee has been released from the spanking position for a disciplinary spanking they often have only a single thought: to soothe their buttocks. They will often lift their legs and/or hop in place, even turn in place, and if rubbing isn't forbidden the movement will also include rubbing their buttocks.

The brat war dance is normally accompanied by loud crying, wailing and/or other exclamations of being in pain. This action resembles some primitive war dances. The spankee is normally not aware of — or at the moment caring if — anyone witnesses their "dance".

During the spankingEdit

The term spankee dance (or spankee's dance) is also sometimes used to refer to to a related phenomenon: the "dance" a spankee does while getting spanked. For example, the arm and leg movements, and sometimes whole body action, while getting spanked in the OTK position. Or the movements when given a switching or caning standing up, held only by one wrist, "dancing" around the spanker.

As far as is known, the term brat war dance has not been used to refer to this related phenomenon.