Careful, He Might Hear You

Careful, He Might Hear You is an Australian movie from 1983, directed by Carl Schultz. It is based on the novel of the same name by Australian author Sumner Locke Elliott.


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The protagonist, a boy named PS (Nicholas Gledhill), about 6 or 8, has been raised by his aunt Lila (Robyn Nevin) and her husband George since his mother died soon after his birth.

When Lila's richer sister Vanessa (Wendy Hughes) returns from overseas, she seeks custody of her nephew, citing the opportunities she can give him. Vanessa convinces Lila to have PS live with her on weekdays. PS is miserable at her place, where he's under a much stricter regimen involving private school, round vowels, piano and riding lessons, but no one seems to listen to him. When he objects, Vanessa even sues for complete custody.

The spanking sceneEdit

At his new school, some older girls approach PS, tease him and press him into joining their "secret club". The head girl announces "You've got to be initiated" and takes him to their secret place nearby. A dozen children follow them, and several more crowd at the windows, to watch the "initiation".

With cruel pleasure, the head girl seizes a cane and instructs the small boy to take down his trousers. He says no. They threaten to tell everyone at school that he's a "bastard", and call him a coward, at which he gives in. Taking all his courage, he slowly undoes his belt, unbuttons his trousers and lets them slide down. "And your underpanties!", the head girl with the cane demands. Silence. Everyone watches to see what PS will say or do now. After some seconds of thought, PS takes his briefs down too (his front being covered by his shirt - the movie carefully avoids any visual nudity). "Now bend over, and no calling out, or we will do it again tomorrow... and the next day... and the next." He bends over and the caning begins (f/m).

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