Computer graphics

Rendered art created with Bryce 5.5.

Computer graphics (abbreviated CG) is the computer-based generation of digital images. A computer-generated image is also known as a CGI. Computer graphics can be divided into two main areas, 2D and 3D graphics.

Computer graphics is used in science (e.g. mathematics, computer science) as well as in art and entertainment.

Note that not any digital image is computer graphics. A digital photograph or a scanned drawing or painting does not become "computer graphics" just because it is in digital format. However when such a photo, drawing or painting is visibly edited using a computer (e.g. digitally colorized), it becomes computer graphics or mixed-media.

On Japanese Web pages, CG stands for any digital artwork, from digitally shaded doujinshi to legitimate cinema (like Toy Story). In the West, however, the term CG has come to be used exclusively to connote 2D digital art. In relation, the hentai industry has begun in recent years to incorporate this into their market scheme.

Computer graphics artEdit

2D computer graphics comes in two main categories: bitmap and vector graphics. For each of these, there are specialized image editors (such as Photoshop for bitmap graphics).

3D computer graphics requires 3D modeling, posing and rendering. For more information, see rendered art.

Animated computer graphics can be 2D or 3D. On the Web, such animations are often published in animated GIF, Flash, or any video file format.

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