Favourite pairing poll 2007

A poll conducted on the Spanking Art wiki since January 2007 asked visitors "What is your favourite spanking pairing?" Here are the results according to the count of 503 votes on 15 May 2007.

Chart of the data

1st place: M/FEdit

Vintage M/F birching photo.

The most popular pairing is M/F (man spanks woman, 111 votes, or 22% of all votes). This is also the pairing most often found in spanking photos and spanking videos on spanking pay sites, and in spanking magazines.

Why M/F is that popular is up to speculation, but one of the reasons might be that it reflects the traditional dominance of the male over the female in patriarchic societies.

There is a notable contrast to the stereotype of the female dominant and male submissive (F/M), as found in pro-dommes.

2nd place: F/fEdit

F/f illustration by Georges Topfer (1920).

The second most popular pairing is F/f (woman spanks girl, 86 votes, or 17% of all votes). This pairing seems to have its own fandom. Much of the material found is fictional disciplinary spanking such as spanking stories and spanking drawings. Girl spanking art is also the topic of one of the web's most popular free spanking sites, Handprints.

Interestingly, F/f is considerably more popular than M/f (man spanks girl) - possibly because mothers are more commonly the main disciplinarian in the home than fathers. Anyway, people just seem to like girls to be spanked by women.

3rd place: F/FEdit

Vintage F/F spanking photo.

The third place is taken by F/F (woman spanks woman) with 76 votes or 15% of all votes. This pairing combines the popularity of an adult female spanker with that of an adult female spankee. It also suits well for erotic images where both the spanker and the spankee are attractive ladies, nude or in fetish clothing.

In erotic F/F scenes, there may be connotations to lesbianism, a genre that has always been popular in erotica. Real-life F/F scenarios outside the BDSM scene are rare, perhaps in scenes such as mistress/maid spankings.

The restEdit

In order of decreasing popularity: F/M (61 votes), F/m (60 votes), M/m (35 votes), M/f (35 votes), M/M (32 votes), other (7 votes).

The poll will be continued and maybe we'll publish the latest counts again in a year or so.