Favourite pairing poll 2009

This page summarizes the results of our 2009 poll on favourite pairings. This poll was launched in March 2009 on the Spanking Art wiki and asked visitors "What is your favourite spanking pairing?" Here are the results according to the count of 665 votes on 1st September 2009.

Chart of the data


The results of this poll are interestingly different from our favourite pairing poll 2007. M/m, which is the clear winner of our 2009 poll, had been one of the least popular pairings in 2007.

1st place: M/mEdit

M/m drawing by Franco.

The most popular pairing of this poll is M/m (man spanks boy, 203 votes, or 30% of all votes). It would be interesting to learn whether that figure, which climbed up from a mere 14% in 2007, reflects a general trend in society or a change in the demography of our wiki's readership.

Notable free websites that feature M/m material include the Male-Male Spanking Archive with more than 14,000 M/m and M/M spanking stories, and Boyz Being Boyz which features M/m and F/m spanking art images.

2nd to 5th place: F/f, M/f, F/m, M/FEdit

The second most popular pairing is F/f (woman spanks girl) with 84 votes (12%), closely followed by M/f (82 votes), F/m (81 votes), and M/F (81 votes).

F/f and M/F had already been the second and third place in 2007, so these are no great surprise. M/f and F/m have gone up in terms of placement, but not in absolute percentage.

M/F clearly lost popularity as compared to our 2007 poll: it dropped from 1st place (22%) to a mere 12% in 2009.

The least popularEdit

Of all choices given, "other" and M/M (each 2%) have received the least votes. This was similar in 2007.

Adult/adult vs. adult/childEdit

According to the 2007 and 2009 polls, adult/adult pairings, seen as a group, have lost popularity from 53% to 38%, while adult/child pairings have gained popularity from 41% to 66%.


This poll will be continued in the following years. Following a suggestion, we will extend the "other" item and include the child/child pairings m/m, m/f, f/m and f/f in our next round of the poll.