Gillian Taylor

Gillian Taylor is a British spanking actress, with long wavy dark brown hair and brown eyes, who was active in the late 1980s and 1990s. She also worked under the names of Gaynor Gold, Gaynor-Victoria, and Rhonda.

Her involvement in spanking erotica appears to have started with the Blushes group of magazines. She appeared as a model in Blushes 27 and New Justice vol.3 no.7. Spanking for Pleasure and Strictly English then cast her in spankee roles, though unusually she switches in the second half of Tales from C.P. House.

Gillian Taylor also performed at some Kane Live Events in London. As an actress, she is noted for smiling and giggling while being reprimanded and cheekily suggesting that her punisher enjoys spanking her.


  • Bad Headmaster (Spanking for Pleasure/Calstar), as Clarke
  • Behind the Curtains, Vol.4: Girls Just Want to be Spanked (Strictly English, c. 1995)
    • Released as ten clips in The Strictly English Spanking Channel, Volumes 44-53.
  • Bottom Price (Spanking for Pleasure/Calstar 1997), as Sarah, with Hayley Russell
  • College Classics 8 (Spanking for Pleasure c. 1994), as Clarke, with Mel Penny & Ivor Gold
  • Detention (Strictly English, c. 1995)
    • Released as six clips in The Strictly English Spanking Channel, Volumes 2-7
  • Hot Cross Bum! (Kane Live Event c.1995), as schoolgirl, with Sue Ellis & Julie Webster
  • The House, Part 1: Victoria’s Room (Strictly English, 1995), as Victoria
  • An October Afternoon (Kane Live Event 1998), with Clarissa Armstrong & Stacey Rowe
    • US title: Hot Live Caning 1
  • A Painful Event (Kane Live Event 1998), with Larry Barnes & Brandi
    • US title: Hot Live Caning 2
  • Severity School (Cavern Spanking, c.1994), as Gillian, with Alison Payne, Dominique Wright & Ivor Gold
  • A Spanking to Declare (Kane, c. 1995), as Rhonda, with Julie Webster
    • US title: Stinging Stewardess
  • Tales from C.P. House, as Victoria, with Camilla