Gomen Nasai

"Gomen nasai, mama!" Schoolgirl Hiroe Tanada has her bottom smacked in Gomen Nasai 1 (questions blurred to prevent spoilers).

Gomen Nasai 1 is a spanking themed mini-game developed by Gauis Marius and released on October 13, 2007 for free download via the Spanking Art Wiki. Employing a simple point & click play function, the game is run on a Windows platform and takes about five minutes to play from start to finish. The name is based on a Japanese phrase that means I'm sorry in English.

The gameEdit

Gomen Nasai 1 takes the form of a multiple-choice 'quiz' in which the player answers questions about spanking in anime. With each correct answer, the joshikousei in the central graphic (see above) loses a piece of clothing; first skirt, then blouse, vest, panties and so forth. On the other hand, the player is penalized for each wrong answer by going back one 'turn' to the previous question.

The play format also includes several red herrings, trick questions and mildly insulting comments to amuse and distract the user along the way. Upon successful completion of the game, the player is rewarded with an unobstructed view of the spanking scene, in which the subject is depicted naked in a traditional OTK pose.

A recent upgrade has provided the game with several additional features, including sound effects, transitions, and limited animation.


Gomen Nasai 1 is available for free download from here:

Gomen Nasai 1 (free download RAR format 32 MB)(link broken as of 10/2019)

The game requires the software Adventure Maker 4.3.0 to play. A free version of the software is available from here:

Adventure Maker (free download 18 MB)

Sequel: Gomen Nasai 2Edit

Inches away from a spanking: screencap of upcoming mini-game Gomen Nasai 2, showing graphics, dialogue and control panel.

Scheduled for release in 2008, Gomen Nasai 2 continues the story of schoolgirl Hiroe Tanada, the reluctant protagonist from the first game. Like its predecessor, Gomen Nasai 2 takes the form of a multiple choice quiz, but features a more developed storyline (in which Hiroe is faced with a bare bottomed spanking in front of her entire class).

The game was planned to be released in two different formats; a simplified version played in Adventure Maker 4.3.0; and a 'Flash' version with added options (including limited animation and close-up graphic functions). In addition, the package was planned to feature an 'Extras' menu with a CG gallery, KiSS Doll and quiz notes.

It is unknown what became of Gomen Nasai 2.

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