A young lady gets the woodshed treatment in a barn with a horse grooming brush (F/f). Artwork by H-bum.


Externally hosted image on Boyz Being Boyz  Warning: 18+
Two boys in the basement

H-bum is a contemporary spanking artist known for spanking art in color with complex, skillful use of light and shade resulting in a high degree of realism.

Most work by H-bum is boy spanking art, but some of it depicts traps — males with androgynous or feminine appearance that might be mistaken for females at first sight. Other artwork by H-bum is unmistakably woman spanking art. Some artwork features kemonomimi characters with animal ears and tails.

In H-bum's artwork, often a sensual, erotic and/or romantic mood is present. In some artwork, the female adult spankers are dressed erotically (lingerie, see-through fabrics) or are nude, as in the bathroom series.

H-bum does commissions.