Hitachi Magic Wand

The Hitachi Magic Wand is a very powerful massage device which was introduced by the Japanese manufacturer Hitachi in the late 1960s. The original purpose is relieving pain associated with back aches. The stated use of the Magic Wand is the soothing and relaxing of sore muscles and nerves, relieving tension, and rehabilitation after sports injuries. Thus, Hitachi registered the device with the US Food and Drug Administration as a physical medicine device under the classification therapeutic electric massager.

The original Magic Wand box from 1968.

The massager is 12 inches (30 cm) long and weighs 1.2 pounds (540 g) with stimulation provided by its rubberized 2.5-inch (64 mm) head.

Use for masturbationEdit

After an episode of Sex and the City, the massager became known as an effective sex toy for (female) masturbation. It functions effectively as a clitoral vibrator, to bring women to orgasm. Women report when using the Magic Wand on an increased sexual arousal, the intense clitoral sensations and an almost guaranteed climax within every desired masturbation duration.

However, Hitachi ceased production of the device in 2013 because of concerns about having the company name attached to a sex toy. The US company Vibratex which was the nationwide distributor in the US persuaded Hitachi to continue manufacturing it under the name "Original Magic Wand", omitting the Hitachi name. In 2014, the company used the name "Magic Wand Original". In 2015, the Magic Wand Rechargeable, a rechargeable battery powered version, was released. It has four power levels, the highest of which was 6300 RPM, which is slightly higher than the original's 6000 RPM, different vibration patterns and a smooth silicone head. In 2019 finally, the Magic Wand Plus was released, which, like the original, must be plugged in, but has the same vibration power levels as the rechargeable.

Whereas from its widespread application as a female masturbation device in the early phase of distribution, the use for male masturbation has also become more popular. Testicles, penis and glans provide body parts with a distinct sensitivity for sexual arousal and can be extremely stimulated by the high power and vibration levels of the Magic Wand.

Uses of the Wand massager for women and men can happen as a act of manually stimulating the genitals by himself or herself. In addition, couples may use it also as clitoral stimulation device while having vaginal or anal sex.

Use in BDSMEdit

Main article: Masturbation of another person#Nonconsensual (forced) masturbation

Besides its use for masturbation and thus reaching an almost guaranteed orgasm, the Magic Wand is meanwhile heavily used in BDSM play. It is particularly popular in a domination and submission setting when one person controls the dominated (or submissive) person's 'ability' to come to an orgasm (see Masturbation of another person#Nonconsensual (forced) masturbation). To increase the feeling of helplessness, the dominated person might be tightly secured on an appropriate device (bed, table, chair, bench) and subsequently stimulated using the Magic Wand vibrator on her/his genitals. The dominating person can widely determine the strength, the timing, the delay, even the frequency of the other person's climax. Variants of this play:

  • Forced orgasm (bringing a bound submissive to orgasm without their control)
  • Tie and tease, also called tease and denial and orgasm denial (bringing a bound submissive repeatedly to the point of orgasm but denying, or stopping short of allowing them to orgasm)
  • Orgasm torture (bringing a bound submissive repeatedly to multiple orgasms, exhausting them sexually and making them beg for it to end)
  • Orgasm control, also called edging, peaking, or surfing (chiefly a non-BDSM form of play in which a partner is kept in a state of sexual arousal for an extended period of time without reaching orgasm. The play usually ends with an orgasm, which can be particularly intense.)


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