I Not Stupid Too

I Not Stupid Too is a 2006 Singaporean film directed and written by Jack Neo. Produced at a budget of S$1.5 million, it earned S$4 million at the Singapore box office during its theatrical run and was the second highest grossing Singaporean movie. Critical reception was generally positive.

The dialogue consists of a mixture of English, Mandarin and Hokkien, peppered with Singlish and local slang. Non-Singaporeans who are not familiar with Singaporean culture may not understand the movie.

It is considered a sequel to the 2002 film I Not Stupid, which has a different storyline and focuses more on satirical criticism of the Singaporean education system and social attitudes.


I Not Stupid Too is a satirical comedy which portrays the lives, struggles and adventures of three Singaporean youths — 15-year-old Tom (Shawn Lee), his 8-year-old brother Jerry (Ashley Leong) and their 15-year-old friend Chengcai (Joshua Ang) — who have strained relationships with their parents. It explores the issue of poor parent-child communication.

Caning sceneEdit

In one scene, Tom and Chengcai bring a pornographic VCD to school and are discovered by the teacher. They pass it around the classroom in an attempt to stop the teacher from getting hold of it, but he catches it eventually and scolds them. A fight breaks out between the two boys and the teacher but they are eventually stopped by others. Later, the principal calls up the boys' parents and tells them that she is expelling Chengcai (who has a history of bad behaviour in school) and that Tom will receive a public caning.

The following day, Tom is escorted into the assembly hall by two teachers, while the rest of the school population is already waiting inside and they look at him as he walks along the aisle towards the stage. The principal explains Tom's offence to the students and the school's decision to punish him, and tells the Discipline Master to begin the punishment. Tom is made to bend forward with his elbows on a desk, facing the assembly, while the DM takes careful aim and delivers three hard strokes from a rattan cane onto the seat of Tom's uniform trousers. Tom groans in pain after each stroke while some students in the assembly flinch at the 'crack' sound of the cane.

Behind the scenesEdit

This scene was filmed at Presbyterian High School. It is very similar to the procedure used in real-life school canings in Singapore, but the reactions from Tom and the other students have been slightly exaggerated for dramatic effect. See this article on Singapore school canings on corpun for details on actual Singaporean school canings.

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