Jack-O Pose

The Jack-O Pose is a pose named after the character Jack-O' Valentine[1] from the competitive fighting computer game series Guilty Gear. Jack-O' assumes this unusual body position when she goes into her crouching animation.

"Jack-O Pose", AI-generated artwork by Spankart (2023).

Another Guilty Gear character, Potemkin, is shown doing the Jack-O Pose

2021 most viewed challenge on TikTok. "jack o" challenge

What's The Jack-O-Pose Challenge?
A female character in a very wide Jack-O Pose.

The pose became a meme and started a trend among artists to draw various characters doing the pose, as well as people taking photos or videos of themselves doing the pose (or trying to), under the name Jack-O Pose Challenge (or shorter, Jack-O Challenge). This was shared in social media such as Twitter and TikTok under extremely popular Hashtags like #jack-o-pose, #jackoposechallenge, or #jackochallenge.

The pose is mostly assumed by females, both in artistic renderings and in real life, with exceptions of course.

About the name and spellingEdit

The character's name is spelled Jack-O' Valentine, with an apostrophe as in the word "jack-o'-lantern". This is a reference to her face mask which looks like a black jack-o'-lantern. In the term "jack-o'-lantern", the o' is an abbreviation of the two words "of the", i.e. "Jack of the lantern".[2] Note that the name Jack-O' Valentine has a capital O and only one hyphen between Jack and O', but none after. In social media, people tend to drop the apostrophe for simplification when they write about the character or the pose.

The pose is also known as Jack-O Crouch, although it is not really a form of crouching. 'Crouching' refers to low poses in which the knees are bent, while a characteristic of this pose is to keep perfectly straight legs. Still, it is called a crouch in the original computer game context, where the term can refer to any low pose other than sitting and lying.

The poseEdit

The pose is assumed starting from a standing position. The person (or character) spreads their legs as far as possible, forming an angle wider than 90 degrees, while the legs are kept perfectly straight, and lowers their elbows and chest to the ground. The buttocks are at the highest point of the body. The abdominal area goes almost vertically down from the pelvis and the backbone is bent back such that the chest meets the horizontal surface of the ground. The hands are free to move within their limited range and can be touching near the chin. This makes the pose look in front almost as if the person was lying comfortably prostrate, while the rest of their body is demandingly stretched.

The pose is of the kind that might be done by professional contorsionists in a performance. It is in some ways absurd, especially in a fighting context. A person is highly vulnerable in this pose, and if it were a real fight, it would be hard for them to do any quick attack or defense movement out of it.

As of 2021, the pose has mainly found interest among fan artists and people who like challenging physical exercises. It has comical, athletic, but also erotic qualities due to the widely spread legs with prominently accessible genitals and the raised buttocks while the rest of the body is low. Thus it may also be appealing to fans of erotica and BDSM, and creators of content for these target groups.

Warnings and adviceEdit

Trying to assume the pose can result in injury, and people have been hospitalized attempting the Jack-O Challenge.[3][4] Being able to do the splits will help a person attain the pose, because the wider the legs are spread, the easier it becomes to lower the chest to the ground. For most untrained people, one of the easier variants (see below) would be challenging enough.

Warming up and stretching the body well before attempting the pose is highly advisable.

The Jack-O Pose and spankingEdit

Since the buttocks are raised higher than the rest of the body, they appear spankable, and the Jack-O Pose has potential to get a certain attention from spanking enthusiasts.

In real life, few spankees will be able to do the original Jack-O Pose, and the pose will also be hard to hold for any longer time, especially while being spanked. The widely spread legs require good aim on the spanker's side to spank only the butt cheeks without hitting the genitals, and the stretched butt cheeks are in some ways suboptimal to be spanked. For that reason, the original Jack-O Pose is likely to remain an unusual and rarely used spanking position in real life. The easier variants (see below) might be possible alternatives for spankos seeking a new, unusual spanking position.

In spanking fiction such as spanking drawings, rendered spanking art, spanking comics or spanking stories, the practical challenges of the pose can be easily overcome for the sake of the fantasy.

The Jack-O Pose is related to the following more established spanking positions. It can be seen as a combination of:

Easier variantsEdit

A less extreme and easier variant is to get into a kind of lunge position with widely open straight legs, such that the feet and elbows touch the ground, but not the chest. The weight rests on the feet and elbows, which form a trapezoid. In this variant, the legs need not form an angle wider than 90 degrees and the head will be clearly above the ground. If it is still too difficult, the hands instead of the elbows can be put on the ground, in the usual way of the lunge position.

Another less extreme and easier variant is to do the knee-chest position (kneeling with the chest lowered to the ground), hands in front of or under the face, with the knees widely spread apart. The weight rests on the knees, chest and arms. This variant includes the low chest and head position from the Jack-O Pose, but not the straight legs, and the buttocks are not nearly as prominently raised. It is related to a pose in yoga called the Frog Pose.

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