Library Illustrative of Social Progress

Library Illustrative of Social Progress is a book series on erotic flagellation (spanking erotica) in seven volumes.

Title page of Volume VI, Sublime of Flagellation.

The volumes were allegedly assembled by the English historian Henry Thomas Buckle (1821-1862) and were printed in 1872 by Hotten, London. The originals are said to date from 1761-1777. Their authors are for the most part unknown.


  • Volume I & II: Exhibition of Female Flagellants
  • Volume III: Lady Bumtickler's Revels (a self-declared comic opera in two acts on the flagellatory inclinations of aristocratic women)
  • Volume IV: The Use of Flogging in Venereal Affairs
  • Volume V: Madame Birchini's Dance (a collection of verse and short prose pieces depicting female birching)
  • Volume VI: Sublime of Flagellation (only in 9th edition onwards; see also Miss Termagant Flaybum)
  • Volume VII: Fashionable Lectures (only in 4th edition onwards)

Volumes 1-6 are available online and can be read or downloaded for free.

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