Living room

Note: This article is about a room in a house. For other meanings, see family room.
A living room being used as a guest room

A living room, also known as a family room or lounge, is a room where members of the household gather for non personally private activities. When not doing double duty as a parlour in smaller homes, it is considered private space for the family as a whole, so only close friends of the family would be invited into it.

A living room will likely contain items that the family would use jointly, either passively (such as the wireless or a TV set), or actively (such as chess set). As its role as a gathering place it will normally be furnished with comfortable chairs and/or a couch. It is not limited to group activities and will often be used for solo activities when the privacy of the bedroom is not desired. So will often include children's toys and reading books.

A living room is the most likely room to be decorated seasonally or special days such as Christmas.

Living rooms and spankingEdit


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A spanking in the living room. Artwork by H-bum

A living room normally has some of the most open space in private home, so it the likely location for a private play party.

Otherwise the most likely type of spanking to take place in a living room is a domestic spanking. Either as an on the spot type, with little care to who witnesses the spanking, beyond who gets invited into the room in the first place, or a deliberate choice of venue. If it is the chosen venue, it is likely to be chosen so that it will be witnessed. Either so siblings can learn to avoid the same mistake by proxy, or so a wronged party might witness it. Some spanking stories even go as far as inviting non involved witnesses over for the spanking, just for the humiliation factor.

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