London is a city in the south of England. It is the capital city of the United Kingdom, and the heart of the city occupies a site used by the Romans 2000 years ago. London is the largest city in the United Kingdom, and was once the capital of a Global Empire. The city has spread and encompassed many diverse areas which still retain some degree of their own separate identity within the conurbation.

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, London.

Judicial LondonEdit

London is the home to senior Law Courts of the Legal system of England and Wales. The Royal Courts of Justice (The High Court), The Central Criminal Court (The Old Bailey) and the two Houses of Parliemnt. It was also the home of many famous prisons, such as the Tower of London, the Fleet, the Clink, Newgate, and Bridewell, the last being at one time a popular place to see women prisoners being whipped.

Modern London also contains many modern prisons, Brixton, Wormwood Scrubs, Pentonville, Holloway and Wandsworth. During the final years of corporal punishment in British Prisons, Wandsworth Prison was the store of all the cats and birches used in the prison system, which had to be sent out from Wandsworth when required.

Spanking in LondonEdit

As a thriving metropolitan area, London is home to a large number of clubs and shops catering to the spanking and BDSM communities, a number of which are sited in the Soho district of the City. A famous London BDSM club is Torture Garden. Northern Spanking also has activities in London. Other London spanking clubs are ClubCP (UK's largest gay spanking club), Moonglow Spanking Club, OTK UK Spanking Club, and Spank These Girls (Spanking & Champagne Party).

Soho is a famous central London district long known to both the general adult and gay scene. Once the site of many seedy and down-market erotic businesses the area was energised when it became the centre of the London gay community. Although it still contains many strip-clubs and shops selling porn it has seen the opening of a number of modern adult shops selling sex toys and BDSM equipment.

From the mid-seventies to 2011 Janus, a major producer of spanking magazines and spanking videos, was headquartered in a bookstore at 40 Old Compton Street in Soho.

School Dinners is a fetish-oriented London restuarant/cabaret where the staff wears schoolgirl uniforms and canes selected patrons.

The website LondonFetishScene hosts a BDSM wiki named Wipipedia.

Max Mosley scandalEdit

Max Mosley uses a strap on a prostitute playing a prisoner.

In 2008, a rented flat in London's Chelsea district was the scene of a notorious sex scandal involving Max Mosley, former president of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA).

A secretly filmed sex and S&M video was released by the press that revealed Mosley whipping, and being whipped, by role playing prostitutes wearing Nazi guard and concentration camp prisoner uniforms.

Spanking artists, authors, and actorsEdit

Examples of spanking artists and spanking authors living in London include:

Examples of spanking actresses living in London include:

Spanking videosEdit

  • Detention Center: New Year Paddling (Firm Hand Spanking, 2023), Essie Quinn gets 12 paddle swats to the chimes of London's Big Ben.

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