Malaysian caning videos

In Malaysia, corporal punishment is traditionally given with a rattan cane, called rotan (the English word rattan actually derives from the Malay word rotan).

Malaysia, a former British territory, is one of the countries that use judicial corporal punishment to the present day. There are two real-life videos that show contemporary judicial corporal punishment in Malaysia. The Malaysian government produces and publishes these videos as a deterrent for the population. The videos have been misreported to be from Singapore [1][2][3] - Singapore has never released any videos on real judicial canings; the closest were a staged reenactment of a judicial caning scene from a 1999 government video Prison Me No Way, and two (unclear) pictures of real canings from a 1990s CD-ROM (also produced by the authorities) called Youth Crime, both of which were intended to deter youths from crime. [4]

These videos were made at Seramban Prison (near the capital Kuala Lumpur). The punishments shown are ordered by the courts (on males only) for serious criminal acts. This severe form of punishment was inherited from British rule, and is not connected with the fact that Malaysia is a majority-Muslim country. It is not to be confused with Shariah caning for Muslims only (both men and women), a much milder form of punishment that can be ordered for moral lapses such as adultery or drinking alcohol.

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Warning: These videos are harsh and may not be appropriate for minors.
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