A mattress is a large pad for supporting the reclining body, used as a bed or as part of a bed.

Mattresses and spankingEdit

Mattresses are useful as a comfortable support of the spankee in many different spanking positions, not only the lying position. For example, the knee-chest position or the diaper position are classically used on a mattress. But mattresses can also provide a comfortable support for the spanker.

Unintentional peeing on the mattress in one's sleep is called bedwetting, and it can lead in certain settings to a spanking.

Mattresses and BDSMEdit

Still from the 1950s bondage-spanking stag film Co-Ed Secrets.

Mattresses are also useful for bondage. Straps or rope can be pulled through under a bed's mattress and to its top, and a person can be thus restrained on the mattress by their wrists and/or ankles in e.g. the spreadeagle position, either prostrate or on their back. Further positions are also possible, such as the plow position or the on-all-fours position. Using a mattress for bondage works in most beds in the Western world -- exceptions are fixed mattresses or thin mattresses like futons --, even in beds that don't have bedposts or a headboard/footboard with a possible anchor point. It is especially useful for travelling BDSM partners (hotel beds).

Mattresses and sexEdit

Mattresses are also useful for sexual intercourse in many different sex positions.

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