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Maude Kelly

Maude Kelly of Toronto, Canada, a former teacher of gymnastic exercises, made some news in 1905 for advertising to parents her services as a professional spanker to aid in disciplining their children.

She shared in an interview to The Minneapolis Tribune how she came to start this unusual business. A befriended family had struggled with an ill-behaved son. They agreed a whipping would do him good, but the mother said she could not do it, and the father was away, so Ms. Kelly gave her friend a helping hand:

Harry was a boy of 11, but I took him into the nursery and spanked him very soundly. After that Harry's mother came to me frequently, and friends of hers got to hear of my kindly offices and get me to act for them. My income was small, extra money would be useful, and I decided to make a business of juvenile correction. I am not unduly severe, but I make my patients smart.
  — Maude Kelly

The Atlanta Constitution wrote about her in an article on 10 December 1905:

She is an athletic young woman, skilled in physical culture, and much practice has made her perfect as a spank artist. She relieves fathers and mothers of the unpleasant necessity of applying physical correction to the posterior portion of their offspring's anatomy for a moderate fee, satisfaction guaranteed or no pay.
  — The Atlanta Constitution, 10 December 1905, p.40

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