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Milking machine

In a sexual context, a milking machine is a (usually fictional) machine designed to 'milk' a male subject. The machine stimulates the subject sexually, who is usually restrained and completely helpless, until he ejaculates. The concept is found in erotic/pornographic BDSM art (such as drawings, rendered art), sometimes also in narrative form (comics, manga and BDSM stories), and also in video form (hentai anime and filmed BDSM videos).

Milking machines are featured in the oeuvre of BDSM and spanking artists. Sometimes a machine combines the features of a milking and a spanking machine. Artists that have drawn milking machines include Franco and Sardax.

Variants of the same or similar concept for female subjects are usually called sex machines (or fucking machines).


Technical methodsEdit

The subject is usually fully or at least mostly naked when restrained in such a machine. Milking machines can use a variety of technical methods, typically futuristic ones (science fiction erotica), including moving artificial vaginas, suction, other mechanical stimulation of the genitals, the prostate and possibly other erogenous zones), lubrication, electrical stimulation, (bio)chemical effects, and whatever else the artist could imagine. Psychologic and/or medical methods, that for example increase erectability, drug the subject into a more helpless and/or a more sensitive state, may also be employed.

The milking to the point of ejaculation is often (portrayed, described and/or imagined to be) repeated, bringing the subject to experience not only one, but a series of intense orgasms, and finally total sexual exhaustion. The semen is sometimes collected by the machine in a container, similar in concept to how the milk of a cow is collected by milking machines as used in modern dairy farming.

Visual characteristicsEdit

A milking machine can be a complicated and cleverly designed apparatus, combining various features to completely restrain the subject in a particular position with mechanic, perhaps robotic, features to sexually stimulate him.

The room in which the scene takes place is often portrayed medical in nature (see also medical fetishism), though it can also be factory-like, dungeon-like or even domestic. Sometimes, a computer is shown controlling the machine. Other possible features include video cameras recording and perhaps video-streaming the scene.

Milking machine scenes are often drawn exaggerated in cartoon fashion, such as massively oversized erect penises or completely unrealistic quantities of semen. Muscular/athletic aesthetics are often, though not always, present.

Most milking machine artwork shows only the machine and the subject. If a bystander (controlling and/or monitoring the process) or a group of witnesses is present, they may be male (which gives the work a male homosexual, M/M maledom/malesub touch) or female (for a heterosexual F/M femdom/malesub touch).

On the conceptEdit

As a concept, the milking machine has much in common with the concept of the spanking machine. The spanking machine is probably the older of the two, dating back to at least the 19th century. Both concepts employ an ingeniuously designed machine that operates on the body of a restrained subject, without their control and likely also against their will, to make them undergo an experience that is painful, possibly also erotic or sexual, but in any case deeply humiliating.

The milking machine concept seems to be connected to a variety of BDSM subjects, but also has a strong focus on the subject of male virility.

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