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Mr. Andrew's spankings

Mr. Andrew's spankings is an ongoing spanking story series by Qlql. The story follows eight-year-old Sarah, whose teacher, Mr. Andrews, punishes students through spanking. It currently has six chapters.


Main charactersEdit

  • Sarah
    Eight-year-old Sarah is the protagonist of the story. She is not used to spankings at home, but is unfortunate enough to get quite used to getting them from her teacher.
  • Mr. Andrews
    The teacher of Sarah's class. He is strict and doesn't hesitate to tell kids to stay after class to receive spankings for any misbehaviour.

Other important charactersEdit

  • Michaela
    Sarah's best friend. Opposite to Sarah, Michaela gets frequently spanked at home. Her parents also follow the rule: spanked at school, spanked at home.


Spoiler warning

Eight-year-old Sarah has been in Mr. Andrew's class for about two years. During this time she's just got into trouble twice. But the memory from those two times are not pleasant ones. Because the consequence for misbehaving in Mr. Andrew's class is spanking, with the hand or the ruler. Rumour says that there is also a paddle in the school.


  1. The ruler (M/f)
  2. The two girls (M/ff)
  3. At the end of the year (M/fm)
  4. With Matt and Megan (M/ffm)
  5. About bad behavior (M/f)
  6. About a warning (M/m)