NAI, also known by the username NovelAI on the spanking web forum King's Dungeons, is a prolific spanking artist who creates AI-generated spanking art. His artwork is usually adult/child (in all gender pairings) and in a painterly, often impressionist, and/or colored pencils style. NAI deliberately avoids too great realism.


Externally hosted image on Handprints: Drawings Gallery #264
AI-generated spanking artwork by NAI.

NAI works with Stable Diffusion and uses custom models made with Dreambooth. By fine-tuning a base Stable Diffusion model using images of his choice, he successfully created models that can generate spanking scenes (including things like post-spanking hugging) from prompts, something which standard models are known to fail at. NAI's works are 100% AI-generated without any manual editing.

His somewhat confusing username has historic reasons: when the artist joined the forum, he was using NovelAI to generate chatbot interactions and story snippets.


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