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Reks is a male spanking artist born in 1971 who creates both boy (X/m), and girl (X/f) spanking art, as well as spanking cartoons and comics, often by manipulating original cartoon artwork such as Dennis the Menace or Calvin and Hobbes, or using mainstream film characters such as Yoda from Star Wars. This can be seen as a form of parody and/or fan art.

The name Reks is actually an abbreviated form of 'Reknaps' (which is simply the word 'Spanker' spelled backwards). It was that name which he chose as a nick/handle in spanking related forums when he first delurked and became a part of the community.

Reks has a gallery on Anime OTK, Boyz Being Boyz, and he maintains a page on DeviantArt. He also co-administrates a spanking forum Naughty Corner which is devoted to spanking art, fiction, roleplay, and general discussion on the subject.