Rosa Coote

Rosa Belinda Coote is a fictional spankee and spanker/dominatrix, and nominal author of a number of spanking stories and novels from the Victorian era. The pen name might have been used by one or several authors.

Birching illustration from The Convent School by Rosa Coote (1876).

Rosa Coote is the nominal author of the 1876 spanking novel The Convent School, or Early Experiences of A Young Flagellant, published in London by William Dugdale.

The erotic magazine The Pearl (1879-1880) featured in its first 10 issues the series Letters to a Lady Friend, or Miss Coote's Confession by the fictional Rosa Coote. In these letters she shares various events from her youth in which she was flogged or birched, witnessed such punishment of other girls, or, especially later, inflicted it herself, and always with pleasure. Other recurring characters in her stories include:

While Rosa Coote is fictional, Sir Eyre Coote (1759–1823) is in fact a real person. He was an Irish-born British General and politician who was disgraced in a flogging scandal in 1815.

The characters Miss Flaybum and Rosa Coote reappear in the comic book series The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill, as headmistresses of the Correctional Academy for Wayward Gentlewomen, an academy in Edmonton.


  • Bride of the Birch: The Rosa Coote Letters, a compilation of Coote's Letters to a Lady Friend that first appeared in The Pearl, was printed in 2003 by AKS Books.
  • Whipped into Shape: Two Classic Erotic Novellas (Renaissance E Books Inc., 2004) contains Letters to a Lady Friend and The Yellow Room (1891) by Anonymous (generally attributed to M. Le Compte Du Bouleau, aka Stanislas Matthew de Rhodes).
  • Miss Coote's Confession: or the Voluptuous Experiences of an Old Maid by Anonymous, was published in 2009 by Olympia Press (ISBN 1596540397). Also a compilation of Coote's Letters to a Lady Friend.

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