Sara Benachour

Sara Benachour is a British spanking actress, active from the late 1980s to the early 2000s. A brunette from southern England with dark brown eyes and a very straight and narrow nose, she began her career as a glamour model around 1986, featuring in bestselling British top-shelf magazines such as Mayfair, Men Only, Escort, and Knave. Mayfair claimed that she had Tunisian ancestry.

Sara appears to have made her debut in spanking erotica with an extensive photo-set in Phoenix 35 with body-builder Howard Nelson. She then acted in a number of films for Kane under the direction of Harrison Marks before taking similar spankee roles with Moonglow and Red Stripe. Moonglow West credited her as Liza Hughes. On the cover of Kane 66, she appears untypically as a thigh-booted dominatrix. From around 1997, her right buttock bore a tattoo, possibly depicting the head of a tiger or puma.


Films listed in approximate order of release:-

  • Sticky Fingers (Kane 1988), as Sara, with Solange Hop
  • Hotel Derriere (Kane 1991), as Lusinda
  • A Sting in the Tail (Kane 1992), as a bogus Salvation Army fundraiser, with Teresa May
    • US title: Stinging Tails
  • Hot Cross Bum! (Kane Live Event c.1995), with Julie Webster & Nigel
  • Flatmates’ Discipline (Moonglow West W07 1996), as Angie, with Lucy Bailey & John Kirwood
  • It's Not My Fault! (Red Stripe c.1996), as Miss Ford
  • Caned Journalists (Smax Videos c.1997), as Clare
  • 1937 – As It Really Happened (Smax Videos, c.1997)
  • Twins in Trouble (Smax Videos, c. 1997), as Mrs Birch, with Lesley Saye & Lorraine Ansell
  • Kelly & Jane Discover the Cane (Moonglow C01 1998), as Jane, with Barbie Mel
  • Secretaries (Red Stripe 1998), as Miss Sullivan, with Miss Chambers
  • A Whacking in a Winter Wonderland (Kane Live Event 2000), with Larry Barnes, Sue Ellis & Jay
  • Six Burning Bottoms (Kane Live Event 2000), as a prefect, with Lesley Saye, Lorraine Ansell, & Sam Johnson
  • A Fare Deal (Kane 2000), as Suzi, with Nigel
    • aka Two Punishing Tales, Part 1
    • US title: Spanking the Old-Fashioned Way, Part 1
  • Does it Hurt? (Moonglow C27 2000)
    • aka Lessons in C.P., Part 2
  • Wicked Whippings (Kane Live Event 2000), as Miss Sanger, with Lesley Saye & Sam Johnson
  • A Live Caning Cabaret (Kane Live Event 2000), as Nurse Trumper, with Sue Ellis & Brandi
  • A Day of Domestic and Office Discipline (Kane 2001), as the wife, with Tony
  • An Afternoon of Live Traditional English Discipline, Part 1 (Kane Live Event 2002), as a nurse, with Lorraine Ansell & Jay
  • An Afternoon of Live Traditional English Discipline, Part 2 (Kane Live Event 2002), with Sarah Harvey Lewis
  • Army Stripes (Moonglow C25 2002)
  • The Headmaster’s Study Revisited (Top Marks TM15), as Annie, with Rachel Lloyd and Jean Bradley