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Spanking Art (spelled with capital initials, also known as The Spanking Art Wiki) is the name of this wiki you're currently visiting. It is a wiki on spanking and spanking art, and was founded on May 8, 2005 by Spankart (see also User:Spankart). It currently features 4,143 articles.

Growth of the Spanking Art wiki (May 2005 - January 2014). In white, our hosts. See also Milestones.
The top 10 countries of the Spanking Art wiki's visitors (Nov 2015).

See Mission statement for more on the intended aim of this wiki. For technical conventions and a style guide, see Conventions. More pages on this wiki are in the category About Spanking Art.


The Spanking Art wiki was originally hosted on Wikicities (which soon after became Wikia) at the URL The wiki moved from there to the free spanking site Anime OTK, in February 2008, under the URL In April 2012 Anime OTK went down, and the Spanking Art wiki was relaunched in May 2012 at the new domain


Like any open wiki, we have to deal with vandalism. From about 2009 to April 2012, we experienced vandalism from so-called spambots. These are not humans, but software programs written to post spam all over the Internet. These spambots posted both as IPs (with always changing IP addresses to avoid blocks) and via auto-created user accounts. They created new pages, added contents to existing pages, or replaced existing contents by their spam. They often kept attacking the same page and were easy to identify as spam. Since our move to a new domain in May 2012, we no longer have troubles with such spam.

If you see anything that looks like vandalism in the Recent Changes, don't worry, it will be reverted quickly by one of the admins, usually on the same day. If you come across older vandalism that has escaped our attention, please either fix it yourself (revert it using the page history) or notify Spankart or Roguebfl.


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Unrelated sites of the same nameEdit

There is also a spanking blog named Spanking Art on the domain, banner list site (a link farm?) that uses the name Spanking Art, and a pay site

Backing up the wikiEdit

Since our move to a new server, wiki database dumps (backups) are available at intervals greater than a month. Please help us back up the wiki manually.

Server down?Edit

If this wiki is unreachable, it might be that our server is down. To be prepared for this case, bookmark this link: which is a blog of Spankart, an "emergency page" where information can be provided. You will want to bookmark it because when the wiki is down, you won't be able to read this page anymore.

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