Spanking Art:Copyrights

All content on this wiki is published under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License (GFDL). This is a copyleft license. Reusers of the content must retain it under the same licence, ensuring it remains free.

You may:

  1. Add any text that is your own if you agree to license it under the GFDL.
  2. Include any amount of public domain text or images in a GFDL page. See the public domain resources text index and image index on Wikipedia for a list of those.
  3. Include text licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC-BY) if proper credit is given at the footer of the wiki page. No other Creative Commons license is compatible with GFDL text.
  4. Include images under any of the following licenses: public domain, GFDL, CC-BY, CC-BY-SA, BSD, GPL, LGPL. You are explicitly not allowed to upload images under licenses which forbid commercial use or the creation of derivative works.

For more image guidelines, see Spanking Art:Image use policy.

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