Spanking Art:How to upload your own images

Follow these steps if you are a new user and want to put your own images into the wiki:


  • Your image must be either in the public domain or released under a free license.
  • If you are the copyright holder (this is usually the case with your own drawings, paintings, rendered artworks, or photos), you can select the license and release it by uploading.
  • Your image must not violate any part of our Image use policy. See there for details. For example, photos of minors are never permitted, regardless of what kind of photo they are.
  • Your image must be in png, gif, jpg, jpeg, svg, ico, ogg, mp3, dat, or swf format.

Part 1: Uploading your image

  1. Create a user name and log in. Uploading files is only enabled for logged-in users.
  2. Click on "Upload file" in the "toolbox" to the left. Or just click here. Tip: open this link in a new browser tab or window so you can switch between this tutorial and the upload page.
  3. Browse for the image file on your computer, or enter the source URL.
  4. Change the destination filename to a meaningful filename (e.g. instead of img003.jpg use a name such as Yourname-teddy-bear-spanked.jpg).
  5. You can use space, dash, underscore and other special characters in the filename.
  6. In the box "Summary" enter something like: "Drawing of a teddy bear spanking, by Yourname (2007)." Important data in the Summary are: Description of what the image shows, title of the work if applicable, source, artist/photogapher's name or pseudonym, and date of creation.
    • For advanced users: Please use the {{Information}} template to format your summary information.
    • For advanced users: Please use wiki markup such as link brackets and also enter the appropriate category in the summary.
  7. In the box "Licensing", select the license you want to use. If you are unsure, select GFDL or CC-BY-SA. Note: you must not leave the license information empty, or your file is subject to deletion. See our Image use policy for more on this topic.
  8. Click the "Upload file" button.
  9. If a warning shows up that the file is bigger than 150K, select "save anyway".
  10. If a warning shows up that a file of the same name exists, check if you really want to overwrite the file. If not, go back and change your destination filename.
  11. Your image is now ready to be used in the wiki!

Part 2: Using your image in wiki articles

  1. In another browser tab or window, navigate to the article where you want to add the image.
  2. Click on "edit" to edit the article.
  3. Navigate the cursor to the section where you want to insert the image. In doubt, insert the image at the very top.
  4. Create a new line and enter [[File:file.jpg|thumb|caption]]. Note the double square brackets and the two pipe characters. Replace "file.jpg" by the actual filename (you can copy and paste it from the image page). Leave the keyword "thumb" as it is (this creates a thumbnail image) and replace "caption" by a meaningful caption.
  5. Example: [[File:Spankart correction on the sofa.jpg|thumb|''Correction on the sofa'', drawing by Spankart (2004).]]
  6. In the field "Summary", briefly describe your edit, such as "image inserted" or "+image".
  7. Click the "Show preview" button and preview your edit.
  8. If everything looks good, click on "Save page".
  9. You're done!

There are also other ways in which you can put an image on a page (e.g. centered, in a different size, or in gallery format), but for most cases, the simple format described above, using "thumb", is best. If you need help at any stage, feel free to ask Spankart.

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