Spanking audio cassettes

Spanking audio cassettes are recordings on analogue magnetic tape, a form of erotica intended to appeal to spanking fetishists. Though never widespread, commercial spanking cassettes were available from certain sex shops and via mail order from the 1970s to the early 2000s. Some contained only readings of spanking stories; some were recordings of short plays with two or three actors engaging in corporal punishment; others combined brief dramatic scenes with linking narrations. The format tended to expose the shortcomings of the actors.

An audio cassette.

In BritainEdit

The 1970sEdit

The first spanking audio cassettes widely sold in Britain were made by Bedside Adult Tapes and released in 1976, priced at £3 each. “You have been able to get films for a long time,” said the advertisement. “But the latest fashion for the dedicated fan is listening to cassettes. Yes, you can now listen to your favourite spanking fantasy.”[1] The titles were:

  • Girls for Spanking
  • Spanking Master
  • S for Spanking
  • Spanking Good Fun / Confessions of a Voyeur
  • Spanking Syndrome (The only one of the series that was marketed as “Janus approved”)

Tapes were supposed to contain 20 minutes of dialogue and action sequences on each side, but the quality of the acting and sound reproduction was extremely low. They sold on the strength of the black and white drawings on the J-cards inserted in the plastic cassette cases, the work of an anonymous illustrator who also contributed to Janus. An hour-long compendium entitled Six of the Best was subsequently released at £3.50.

In 1977, Janus publicised Spanking Daughters as “the first cassette produced exclusively for and under the direction of Janus Publications.”[2] The 40-minute recording was sold for £3.50. Its companions were entitled Spanking Salesman, Spanking Lesson and Spanking Sisters.

By the end of 1977, several other £3 tapes were available from a variety of producers:

  • Maid to Dominate (F/M)
  • Meek, Mild, and Obedient (F/M)
  • Naughty Niece
  • Sensual Spankings
  • Shoplifter Spanked
  • Spankings Galore (Adult Fun Tapes)
  • Strict Father
  • Three for the Birch
  • Victorian Swish
  • Yes, Mistress (F/M)
  • Whip Me, My Love (F/M)

Bertrum Press, the publishers of Justice, marketed a series of cassettes priced at £4 each. Titles included:

  • Advanced Lessons (F/M)
  • Amelia
  • Bad Girl
  • The Cane
  • Caned for Discipline
  • Corrected Lover (F/M)
  • Dominating Love (F/M)
  • Governance
  • London Life Spanking
  • Naughty Schoolgirl
  • Naughty Son (F/M)
  • Now! The Cane
  • Obey
  • A Professional Mistress (F/M)
  • Punishment Governess (F/M)
  • Ring for Amelia
  • The Rod
  • Sexy College Girl
  • Spanking Adventures
  • Spanking Dad
  • Spanking Wife
  • Stories of Spanking
  • Teenage Punishment
  • Thrashed Maid
  • Touch Your Toes
  • Whipped Butler (F/M)

Kane cassettesEdit

In 1984, Kane produced three spanking audio cassettes, priced at £8 each. They were written and performed by Mark Howarth and Audrey, both regular contributors to the magazine. Each tape-side lasted approximately 27 minutes. The titles were:

  • 1. Play for Today / Maid Mastered
  • 2. A Touch of Blackmail / Married Bliss and Rabbits
  • 3. Maid for Trouble / Audrey’s Aberration

A feature in Kane 17 acknowledged that sound cassettes had been overshadowed by video, but pointed out that many people had tape-players, either portable or in their cars. “Our aim is to bring quality back to the spanking cassette,” said Howarth. “So often spanking cassettes have been cheap rip-offs, a few minutes of badly simulated action on tapes of an appalling quality”. The spankings in Kane tapes were guaranteed to be authentic, but the envisaged series did not take off.

‘The Roué Tapes’Edit

When the Video Recordings Act 1984 placed a ban on the public sale of spanking videos in Britain (effective from 1986), spanking audio cassettes gained a new lease of life. Roué, previously a leading producer of videos, announced “a whole new concept in CP pleasure” in 1985 when it published the sound tracks of seventeen of its films on audio cassette for £7.50 each. “They offer a new, exciting way to treat yourself to authentic CP action,” stated the magazine, “not to mention the fact that they offer to those of you without video equipment the opportunity to enjoy the genuine sounds of these excellent CP productions”:

  • 1. Four O’Clock Report
  • 2. Afternoon Detention
  • 3. Rebel at St Angela’s
  • 4. First Week of Term – Part One
  • 5. First Week of Term – Part Two
  • 6. Dorset Cottage
  • 7. Caned After School
  • 8. Room 2D
  • 9. Uncle George – Part One
  • 10. Uncle George – Part Two
  • 11. Nurse’s Remedy
  • 12. Schoolgirl Nieces
  • 13. Private Tuition
  • 14. The Beating of Rosie Keller
  • 15. The Training of Julia
  • 16. Pain & Punishment
  • 17. Private Lessons

The films had clearly not been made with audio-only release in mind. There were sometimes long silences and passages of dialogue that were barely decipherable, but listeners could for once be sure that the smacks they heard were really the sound of hands, straps, and canes striking young women’s bottoms: “We guarantee that nothing is simulated!!’[3] The sound tracks were released on 60-minute tapes, even though most of the films were only about 20 minutes long. Roué tried to make a virtue of this, saying “there is the added bonus of a blank side for your own personal recording”. Later priced at £10, ‘The Roué Tapes’ continued to be promoted in the magazine until it ceased publication around 1988.

The 1990sEdit

Most of the spanking audio cassettes sold in Britain in the 1990s were part of a series marketed (but not made) by Janus. Priced at £7.50 each, some of the recordings may have dated back to the 1970s. Two thirds of them featured female spankees:

  • Aching Buttocks
  • Blissful Birching
  • Canes and Bottoms
  • Famous Whippings
  • Married Walloping
  • Naughty Bums
  • Nympho Nurse
  • Sore Secretary
  • Spanked Ladies
  • Spankings Overheard
  • Victorian Punishment

A minority of cassettes in the series presented F/M spankings, whippings, and canings:

  • Bad Boy Birched
  • Male Secretary
  • Mother Flogs
  • Naughty Boy
  • Naughty Husband
  • Punished Sin
  • Strict

Cul d'Or magazine produced and advertised cassettes in conjunction with the Muir Academy, a spanking club. Some of these were edited recordings of the Academy’s proceedings, featuring chiefly F/M punishments, e.g., Classroom Capers 1 and Classroom Capers 2. Others were tied to F/F photo-sets of Dawn Deacon, it being explained, “The action in these photo-sets was digitally recorded as the photos were actually being taken, so now you can HEAR as well as SEE what went on when Miss Prim’s pupils misbehaved.”[4] Titles in this category included Dawn Deacon Meets Miss Prim, Angela’s Academy Interview and Dawn and Angela – Again! Cassettes cost £7.50 each.

A couple of American imports priced at £10 each appeared in Soho sex shops around 1995: Next! 1 & Next! 2. An advert promised “All the traditional delights for a CP enthusiast that a private American academic establishment can provide”.[5]

‘Audio Dreams’Edit

The last major release of spanking cassettes in Britain was the 'Audio Dreams' series of F/F stories and playlets, produced around 2000 by the Wildfire Club and featuring Miss Martindale. There were ten double-sided tapes and each cost £10:

  • 1. Susan Soundly Spanked / How to Cane Young Ladies
  • 2. Mini-skirt Caning / Caned by Nurse Caroline
  • 3. Shop Girl
  • 4. Mlle. Lupin
  • 5. The Riding Mistress / Princess Whips Slave Girl
  • 6. “Fetch the Cane, Sarah” / Caned in her Tight Blue Jeans
  • 7. The Music Mistress / Stinging Nettles Up her Skirt
  • 8. Mother’s Belt for Betty / Swedish Au-Pair
  • 9. Petting Pain / Victorian Birching
  • 10. Mini-skirt Tease gets her Knickers Warmed / Ballet School Discipline

In the U.S.Edit

The American spanking video producer Nu-West/Leda Productions also released a line of spanking audio cassettes in the early-to-mid 1980s.

The endEdit

The rise of CDs and the coming of the internet made spanking audio cassettes redundant. Their low production values and inherent limitations mean that even dedicated collectors of old spanking erotica currently show little interest in them.

In the internet era, audio products for spanking fetishists continued to be produced and shared in digital form, but these were a real niche product, overwhelmed by the popularity of spanking videos and other visual art forms.

For a recent (May 2023) example of two spanking audio tracks produced by TheMailman using AI-powered text-to-speech and sound synthesis, see this link, shared on Pixiv.

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