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'''The spanking club''' is an ongoing [[spanking novel|spanking story series]] by [[Qqll|Qlql]]. The story follows a few young [[spankophile]]s who are lucky enough to have found a few like-minded friends, and thus include [[playful spanking]]s between the kids.
It currently has thirteebthirteen chapters.
== Important characters ==
*; Sarah: Sarah is eleven years old and kind of leads the club. She is the one who first invites Bella to join them.
*; Joe: Joe is ten years old. He is good at finding articles and books about [[spanking]], and also comes with many ideas for games.
*; Sophie: Sophie is eight years old. By accident she found Sarah and Joe playing their [[spanking gamesgame]]s in the basement of the [[school]]. Luckily she didn't tell on them, but instead joined them, thus forming the spanking club.
== Synopsis ==
Ten-year-old Bella is new at the school and befriends three other children[[child]]ren, who doesn't seem to have anything in common but are best friends. Soon, the three of them starts talking about "the club", but won't tell what they are doing. But eventually they trust Bella enough to tell her about the club - The Spanking Club.
== Chapters ==