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== Shorts in spanking ==
In the past, shorts were mainly worn by [[boy]]s and rarely by adult men, girls and women. In many regions (such as South and Southeast Asia) this is the case to the present day. In many places, shorts are also part of boy's [[school uniform]]s. In parts of Europe, until approximately the 1960s, it was common for [[preteen]] boys to be wearing shorts every day, even in winter. Wearing trousers was permitted to older boys and men only. Boys "advanced" from shorts to trousers around age 12 to 14. the reason for such restrictions where two fold, first they use less material and before mass production this significantly reduced the cost in making them, and a child's grown meant they had to be replaced regally. The other reason that is still true to an extent was a boy's play is expected to be ''rough and tumble'', hence damaging the knees of long pants, causing them to need to be replaced earlier than growth necessitated, and oder boys where trusted to take better care that this did not happen.
This background explains why shorts are often associated with "little boy's garments", and [[spankee]]s in [[boy spanking art]] and literature are often depicted or described wearing shorts to emphasize their youth and boy's status.