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'''Swish''' was a [[United Kingdom|British]] [[spanking magazine]] from the 1970s and 1980s.
'''Swish!''' was a [[United Kingdom|British]] [[spanking magazine]] published between 1978 and 1995 by Gold Star Publications. It was initially numbered in volumes, each containing twelve issues, but after Vol.7 No.11 it switched to simple consecutive numbering, starting at No.97 and eventually reaching No.177. The price of ''Swish!'' rose from 95p to £3.95 over the years. This made it the cheapest spanking magazine on the British market by a wide margin.
The editorial tone of ''Swish!'' was populist and often slapdash, and its style had much in common with the many mainstream soft porn titles produced by Gold Star. The sexual element in [[M/F]] and [[F/F]] corporal punishment was emphasized, and most of the [[spanking models]] wore lingerie and stockings. Strap-lines on the cover of ''Swish!'' declared it to be "The World's Top-Selling Spanking Monthly" and (even less credibly) "Britain's Most Sophisticated Spanking Magazine". Later issues often re-cycled content from earlier ones, and by the end many of the pages were filled with advertisements for sex-shops and chat-lines that had little to do with spanking.
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