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Each issue of the magazine included a correspondence section headed "Readers' Letters: All ''Janus'' readers' letters are edited versions of genuine letters received at our editorial offices - we don't make them up!" Unusually in the world of spanking magazines, this was very largely true. Readers offered recollections of their personal spanking experiences and voiced praise and criticism of the magazine's contents. In this way, reader feedback could sometimes be seen to influence editorial policy. This rare element of authenticity enhanced the appeal of ''Janus''.
Many [[spanking models]] appeared in ''Janus'' over the years, along with a considerable number of mainstream glamour models (especially during the years when punishment marks were not shown and the 'spankings' were essentially faked). Identification can be difficult, as the magazine liked to employ its own pseudonyms rather than use the names under which the models normally worked. The ''Janus'' roster includes Vicky Scott (No.7), Liza Lane (No. 27), Wendy Collings (No.58), Solange Hop (No.71), [[Vida Garman]] (Nos.83 & 103), Suzi Sleaze aka Amber Scott (Nos.86 & 87), Luna Winter (Nos.87 & 109), [[Lucy Bailey]] (Nos.95 & 129), Emma Caesari (No.96), Louise Hodges (No.99), Amanda King (Nos.101 & 102), Lana Cox (No.102), Claudia Casali (Nos.104 & 121), Mel Penny (No.106), Lucy Gresty (No.108), Amanda Long (No.110), Tiffany Walker (No.112), Sammi Walker (Nos.119 & 156), Rebecca Coleman (No.125), Andrea Spinks aka Pixie (Nos.132, 133, & 138), [[Leia-Ann Woods]] (No.157), [[Amelia Jane Rutherford]] (Nos.164 & 166), and [[Niki Flynn]] (No.167).
Certain other models who seem to have worked exclusively for ''Janus'' became particular favourites of the readers, often recalled in letters long after their original appearances. In this category are Antonia de Bois (Nos.20 & 24), Wendy East (Nos.39 & 45), Sophie Fennington (Nos.53, 54, & 60), and Nicola Redway (Nos.23, 46, & 68).