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[[Side button shorts]] are shorts that are fastened at the sides with buttons, rather than at the front, as is usual today.
== Short Pantspants ==
'''Short Pantspants''', also known as '''Schoolschool Shortsshorts''', are shorts designed specifically to be worn as part of a [[school uniform]]. These are traditionally made in the same manner as fully tailored trousers, with belt loops, pockets, fly fastenings, and a lining, but cut to shorts length. Originally, wool [[flannel]] was used, as in long trousers, but nowadays these short trousers are more usually made from synthetic blend fabrics.
The traditional grey flannel shorts associated with [[UK|British]] school uniform had become well-established by the 1920s, when they were knee-length or just above knee-length. Up until the 1950s school shorts were also described as '[[knickers]]' in tailoring catalogues and jargon. This term possibly originated as an abbreviation of knickerbockers, which began being worn by [[schoolboy]]s for sports in the 1880s. As the term 'knickers' had become synonymous with panties in the 20th century, it was rarely used colloquially for shorts. By 2004, a study of British [[private school]]s noted that traditional grey school shorts had become denoters of private or [[public school]] uniform, as they were no longer required wear by state schools. Similar tailored shorts form part of school uniform in a number of countries, including [[Australia]], [[Singapore]], [[South Africa]] and [[New Zealand]], and are also part of the uniform worn by children in organisations such as the [[Boy scout|Cub Scout]]s.