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The reason for such restrictions where twofold, first they use less material and before mass production this significantly reduced the cost in making them, and a child's growing meant they had to be replaced regularly. The other reason that is still true to an extent was a boy's play is expected to be ''rough and tumble'', hence damaging the [[knee]]s of long pants, causing them to need to be replaced earlier than growth necessitated, and older boys were trusted to take better care that this did not happen.
This background explains why shorts are often associated with "little boy's garments", and [[spankee]]s in [[boy spanking art]] and literature are often depicted or described wearing shorts to emphasize their youth and boy's status. Confiscication of trousers and putting a boy/man back in shorts is a means of disciplinary degradation for childish behaviour or for purposes of humiliation. The degree of degradation is measured by the seizesize of the shorts and the length of the legs. Public display in very short trousers (sometimes coupled to visibly bruised[[bruise]]d thighs from a smacking) adds to the effect of this punishment/humiliation.
== Side button shorts ==