Stop the Rod

Stop the Rod is an anti-spanking organization whose aim is to ban the sale of all implements explicitly marketed for the spanking of children in the U.S.

Their site, which argues from different points of view (e.g. health and religious), tells of two instances where such a product was on the market:

  • An implement called "The Rod", which was a flexible nylon rod with a cushioned vinyl grip and a safety tip, sold by Slide's Manufacturing Company of Eufaula, Oklahoma. The product, which had been marketed as "the ideal tool for child training", taken from the market in 2005.
  • An implement called "Chastening Instrument", which was a strip of flexible poyurethane sold by "Child training resources for Biblical Parenting" in Bakersfield, California, and in Kalispell, Montana. The product was taken from the market in 2006.

Legal situation and producers' points of viewEdit

World map of the legal status of corporal punishment.

The background is that to the present day non-abusive parental corporal punishment of children is legal in the U.S. It is also legal to produce and sell spanking implements in America. Most producers of spanking implements market their products either as joke articles (e.g. souvenir paddles) or for erotic use (for a BDSM clientele, see spanking product shops for some examples of the latter), not for the chastening of children. However as spanking children with implements as such is not illegal in the U.S., there is no law that forbids the marketing of spanking implements to be used on children.

Both producers mentioned above argued from a Christian parenting point of view for the use of their implement. The producer of "The Rod" wrote in their ad that "spoons are for cooking, belts are for holding up pants, hands are for loving, rods are for chastening". "Child training resources" wrote in their ad that their instrument "leaves the right amount of sting without injury" and that they are not responsible for misuse of the product.