The Happy Valley

Caning scenes from the film.

The Happy Valley is a British television film, directed by Ross Devenish, that was first aired in 1987.


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The film is based on the true story of Juanita Carberry. It is set in Kenya, Africa, in the 1930s.

The spanking scenesEdit

Juanita Carberry (Holly Aird), a 15 year old teenaged girl, is spanked several times in this film. At school, she is given three whacks on her hand with a ruler.

She gets thrown out of school, and her father employs a young and attractive governess, Ms. Tapsell. He tells Ms. Tapsell that Juanita needs to be punished for her bad behavior, which includes lying and stealing.

Juanita is instructed to go to the school room. Her father and Ms. Tapsell enter and her father takes a seat while instructing Ms. Tapsell on the ensuing caning. Juanita bends over an armchair and is caned over the seat of her shorts by the governess.

You'll find what you're looking for in the top of the desk. (...) Over the armchair, for Christ's sake. (...) Very good, Tappy. But for what I'm paying you I expect a little more... effort. (...) Better. Much better!
  — Juanita's father in the first spanking scene

A second spanking (eight strokes of the cane given for spying on a love scene involving her governess) is similar to the first one.

Finally, Juanita is given a cruel beating with a sjambok whip. Her father tells her, "Well, Miss... I think this calls not just for punishment, but for severe punishment." Juanita understands what he means by that, unbuttons her shorts and lets them slide down. Ms. Tapsell returns with the sjambok and Juanita's father orders her to "Beat her."

The spanking takes place in the same position, bent over the armchair, but this time on the seat of her drawers. When her father is dissatisfied with the impression the punishment (despite its severity) makes on the girl (who is determined to remain stoic), he grabs the sjambok ("Give me that bloody whip!") and delivers additional blows as hard as he can until the girl passes out. Later, she is seen having returned to consciousness, but hardly able to walk.

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