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The New Ladies' Tickler

The New Ladies' Tickler; or, The Adventures of Lady Lovesport and the Audacious Harry (1866) is a Victorian work of early erotic spanking fiction, first published in London by William Dugdale. The book was published anonymously, its author is most likely James Campbell Reddie (1807-1878).

The book takes the format of a series of letters written by the teenagers Emily and Harry. In the preface, "the editor" claims these letters had been found in a secret drawer of an old cabinet that belonged to a deceased "old lady of rank and fashion" who shall remain anonymous. The letters are undated, but can be assumed to (be meant to) date from the early 1800s.



  1. Preface
  2. Letter I, Emily to Lucy
  3. Letter II, Emily to Lucy
  4. Letter III, Emily to Lucy
  5. Letter IV, Emily to Lucy
  6. Letter V, Harry to Emily
  7. Letter VI, Harry to Emily
  8. Letter VII, Harry to Emily


  • Lady Lovesport, a wealthy widow
  • Emily, her niece, raised by Lady Lovesport
  • Mr. Everard, Lady Lovesport's lover
  • Harry, an orphan boy about Emily's age, raised by Lady Lovesport along with Emily
  • Maria, daughter of a friend of Lady Lovesport, 15
  • Susan, Lady Lovesport's maid, 17
  • Sidney, a boy in Harry's school

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