Twenty Girls and the Teachers

The spankig scene.

Twenty Girls and the Teachers, German title: Zwanzig Mädchen und die Pauker: Heute steht die Penne kopf, is a 1971 West German comedy film.


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The film tells the story of the young and spoilt woman Trixie, who is bored by College and tries to be expelled from school so that she can begin her career as an actress earlier. She commits a series of major pranks and is really expelled, but her plan fails as her father puts her in the custody of her strict uncle Theobald and his boarding school in the picturesque small town Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

The spanking sceneEdit

The film has a short M/F spanking scene. Trixie, in a fit of rage, swipes all items from a (teacher's, or principal's?) desk. The man (uncle Theobald? or Dr. Klaus Höllriegel?) calmly asks her how she is doing in English language. "Why", she replies. He asks her whether she knew Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew" — because that is what he intends to play with her now. He bends her over his knee and begins to hand-spank her. Trixie "ow's" and manages to free herself after a dozen spanks or so. Then she threatens to charge him for assault, calls him a "monster" and leaves. He casually replies that he "likes her much better this way" — what exactly he means by that remains unclear.

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