'Wrapping', also known as 'whipping in', is a phenomenon in spanking which usually occurs with the use of long and flexible implements such as canes, crops, switches, birch rods, straps, belts, whips, floggers, etc.

How 'wrapping' occursEdit

A schematic drawing of 'wrapping'.

When a hit is given in such a way that the tip of the implement extends beyond the spankee's buttocks, the implement will bend and 'wrap' around the far buttock. In doing so, the tip of the implement will pick up further speed. If it wraps far enough to make contact with the side of the hip, it may result in very painful marks in undesired places. In extreme cases, the implement can even wrap so far that it hits the spankee's front (the pubis and/or genitals), which is a very sensitive area, and may lead to an immediate, premature and unpleasant end for both the spankee and the spanker.

Although the terms 'wrapping' and 'whipping in' have been used interchangeably, the latter more specifically refers to the phenomenon in which the twigs of a birch bend and 'whip in' in between the spankees's buttocks (into the cleft) and between the thighs, effectively whipping the anal-perineal-genital sphere as well as the bottom itself. 'Whipping in' tends to occur inevitably when a birching is administered to a spankee in a straddling position (over a birching horse, or horsed in a straddling position on the back of a third person), especially when a large spray-type birch is used. In such a situation, it is virtually impossible for the spanker to have any control over where each of the birch twigs find its eventual target.

Otherwise, 'wrapping' is typically a sign of an inexperienced or distracted spanker who is either unaware of the problem or does not care about it. Experienced spankers avoid wrapping by paying more attention to whether the tip of the implement will extend past the spankee's far buttock at the point of contact. The technique of tapping before each spank can be helpful. It is more difficult to avoid 'wrapping' if the spankee moves out of position, which is also a reason why certain implements should only be used when the spankee is in a suitable position. The spankee may also be restrained during the spanking for safety purposes.


Flogging with the cat o' nine tailsEdit

Historically, the most affected victims of 'wrapping' were women being flogged with the cat o' nine tails. Female convicts in the Australian penal colonies and on board the convict ships, as well as prostitutes in the London Houses of Correction such as Bridewell, were punished in this manner. When a woman was flogged with the cat, she was stripped completely naked from the waist up, and secured in a position with her arms stretched high above her head. In this position, her breasts were completely exposed and vulnerable, and no precautions were ever taken to protect them from any wrapping or misdirected strokes. As the cat was applied to the woman's back and shoulders, strokes that were "long" by even just a few inches would result in the cat's tails or thongs whipping around her side, and cutting into the side of her exposed breast and armpit area on the side opposite to the flogger. The woman's breast and armpit were often as severely lacerated and wealed as her back and shoulders as a result of the flogging. Women who were nursing mothers were often unable to feed their child from the affected breast after being flogged, due to the nipple having been lacerated and split.

Judicial caning in Singapore and MalaysiaEdit

In present-day Singapore, where judicial corporal punishment (in the form of caning on the bare buttocks) is imposed on male criminals for certain offenses, 'wrapping' frequently occurs. The prisoner's lower back (the kidney and lower spine area) is covered by protective padding as he is tied to a caning trestle in a bent-over position with the legs together so the back of the genitals are covered by the back of the thighs. However, the sides of the buttocks and the hips are not protected, so the side of the far buttock (usually the right side) is often hit because the rattan cane used is very flexible. See these pictures: [1], [2]. In Malaysia, where judicial caning is also practiced, the problem of 'wrapping' is avoided because of the use of a torso shield, which helps to 'frame up' the prisoner's bared buttocks and cover the surrounding areas (lower back, upper thighs and sides). As such, the marks from a Malaysian judicial caning are usually very concentrated around the middle of the buttocks. See these pictures: [3], [4], [5].

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