Frame (furniture)

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Note: This article is about a frame as a piece of bondage furniture. For other meanings, see frame (disambiguation).
A woman cuffed to an X-frame.

A frame in a BDSM or spanking context is a solid structure to which a person may be tied or cuffed as a form of bondage, or to recieve a spanking, caning, or whipping. A person may also lie across or upon the frame to be spanked, the frame thus serving as a form of spanking horse.

Frames are usually made of timber, or, in rarer cases, of other materials such as metal.

Types of frameEdit

There are several types or designs of frame in use.


Perhaps the most common type of frame is the X-Frame or St. Andrew's cross. This consists primarily of two diagonal beams, plus additional supporting structure to hold them firmly in position. An X-Frame will often be built against a wall, although it can stand freely with an appropriate supporting structure to replace the wall.


An A-frame from Pudu Prison, Malaysia.

Another common type of frame is the A-frame, also called a flogging triangle or caning rack. In this design there are two diagonal legs meeting at a point at each end of the frame, with a brace between each pair of legs, and beams running between the corresponding legs from the two sets. The design is much like an oversized artist's easel.

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