Bent-over position


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Drawing by Professor Jim.
"Hands-on-knees" spanking position
"Victorian Chair", drawing by Spankart (2007).

The bent-over position is a spanking position in which the spankee is standing (in some variants, on tiptoes) and bending over.

There are the following variants:

The spankee's legs can be kept together or apart. Placing the legs somewhat apart is often recommended for stability. The spankee can be required to keep in position by himself, or the spanker can steady the spankee with his/her non-spanking hand (see underarm position). The spankee can also bend over and put his/her head between the spanker's legs (see head-between-legs position).

The bent-over position is, above all, in three of its four variants a position that does not require any piece of furniture, neither for the spanker nor for the spankee. It is, or was, traditional for paddling (mainly in the U.S.) and caning (mainly in the UK).

Note that the lower the spankee's head is in this position, the more blood will rush to his/her head, which is not good for lengthy spankings. So these variants should not be held for too long and are best for spankings that are hard but quickly over, such as canings.

For erotic spanking, this position can provide good manual access to the spankee's genitals.



The command phrase Bend over is often the command that starts the spanking, so by itself can be a hot button phrase for spankos. "Bend over" was the traditional schoolmaster's command prior to caning an offending schoolboy in the UK. Another command with the same meaning, mainly used in the U.S., is Assume the position, particularly commonly used in a college fraternity paddling context.