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[[File:Collection des Orties Blanches.jpg|thumb|Emblem of Collection des Orties Blanches.]]
'''Collection des Orties Blanches''' ("Collection of White Nettles"), also known as '''Les Orties Blanches''' (the"The whiteWhite [[nettle]]sNettles") was a [[France|French]] publishing house by [[Jean Fort]] that published [[fetish]] fiction (especially [[flagellation]])/[[spanking literaturenovel]]s) in the 1920s and 1930s,. includingIt was perhaps the most important publisher in the "golden age" of [[early 20th century French spanking novelliterature]]. Its name refers to a species of [[nettle]], ''Lamium album'', known for its [[sting]]s.
== Authors and artists ==
The works of many [[spanking author]]s and [[illustrator]]s of this time were published by Collection des Orties Blanches, such as:
* [[René-Michel Desergy]] (author, also known by the pseudonym of Désiré Van Rowel)
* [[Pierre Dumarchey]] (author and artist)
* [[A. W. Flogger]] (author)
* [[Herric]] (artist)
== Links ==
{{biblio|Collection des Orties Blanches}}
* [http://www.eroticabibliophile.com/publishers_fort_about.php Jean Fort - A Brief Biography] on [[The Erotica Bibliophile]]