Painting of a schoolboy in detention by Ernst Würtenberger (1909).

Detention is a form of restriction, a punishment used at school. A pupil is required to remain in the classroom or school when other pupils are free to leave, either at lunchtime during the school day, or after school has ended.

During the course of a detention the schoolboy or schoolgirl may be required to undertake a task, such as writing lines or an essay, copying out a passage from scripture, a dictionary or an encyclopedia, or even remain still and motionless. Another variant is being sent out into the schoolyard to pick up litter. In some cases, wearing a humiliating cone-shaped paper dunce cap is part of the punishment.

In popular culture, the 1985 comedy-drama film The Breakfast Club involves the complex interaction between five high school students during a long period of Saturday detention.

Detention and spanking

Detention can also be the setting for a school spanking for a serious offense or if the student continues to misbehave. Other times, due to the praise in public, chastise in private philosophy or not wanting to further disrupt the class, a spanking may be reserved for a private detention session later in the day.

Sometimes—mostly in fiction, such as literature or film—this privacy provides the opportunity to apply the punishment on the bare bottom, which could not otherwise occur in class.

Spanking videos

Julian Guile's The Detention Room.
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