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[[Image:Drop seat pajamas 1Denton.jpg|thumb|Drop-seatVintage pajamas, buttoned up...Advert]]
{{BBB|gallery6|12|sassyboy35_thumb.jpg|Artwork by [[Sassy Bottoms]]}}
[[Image:Drop seat pajamas 2.jpg|thumb|...and unbuttoned.]]
{{BBB|gallery6|2|CP19_thumbH.jpg|Artwork by [[Sassy Bottoms]]}}
[[Image:Various811.jpg|thumb|"[[Corner time]]", drawing by [[Lawrence Kinden]].]]
{{Handprints|hpDrawings195.html|variouss1928.jpg|thumb=variouss1928thmb.jpg|galleryname=Drawings Gallery #195|width=150|Spanking art by [[Nelson1977]].}}
{{Handprints|hpDrawings91.html|variouss0047.jpg|thumb=variouss0047thmb.jpg|galleryname=Drawings Gallery #91|width=150|[[F/F]] artwork.}}
{{Handprints|hpDrawings192.html|almond053.png|thumb=almond053thmb.jpg|galleryname=Spanking Art of Pastel #2|width=150|Artwork by [[Pastel]].}}
'''Drop-seat pajamas''', also known as '''blanket sleepers''', '''footed pajamas''' or '''Dr. Denton's''', are a warm and comfortable one-piece [[nightwear|sleeping]] [[clothing|garment]] with long sleeves and legs, sometimes with attached booties, commonly worn by [[infant]]s and young [[child]]ren in the [[United States]] and [[Canada]].
Wide-cut blanket drop-seat pajamas used to be known as '''hansop''' in Dutch.
== The drop -seat ==
[[Drop-seat]] refers to a flap at the [[buttocks]] that allows opening without undressing the garment. Traditionally the drop seat closes with buttons, but modern versions often replace the buttons with snap fasteners. The drop-seat feature is designed to allow the person to use the toilet without removing the sleeper. However it is also convenient for [[parent]]s and other persons of authority (e.g. [[grandparent]]s or [[babysitter]]s) to give the wearer, when such [[punishment]] is felt necessary, a [[bare bottom spanking]].
For this reason, drop-seat [[pajamas]] are also [[spanking clothing]] and [[fetish clothing]] for [[spankophile]]s and sold in web shops such as [[Bobbie's DropSeats]]. In addition, such garments are also popular among [[Adult baby|adult babies]].
[[Spanking artist]]s who have drawn drop-seat pajamas scenes include [[Sassy Bottoms]], [[Patty]] and [[Lawrence Kinden]] (see example to the right).
Drop seats are also found in [[union suit]]s.
* [http://www.footedpjs.com/ Footed PJs]
* [http://www.warmthwear.com/ Warmth Wear]
* [http://www.kozykomfy.com/ KozyKomfy] '''(Warning: Trojan horse, Jan 2009)'''
* [http://www.snugasabug.com/ Snug As A Bug]
* [http://www.jumpinjammerz.com/ Jumpin Jammerz]
* [http://www.speciallyforyou.net/sfynight.html Specially For You]
* [http://www.special-clothes.com/ Special Clothes]
== Gallery ==
[[Image:Various811.jpg|thumb|"[[Corner time]]", drawing by [[Lawrence Kinden]].]]
File:Cboy23c.jpg|A [[parent]] rediscovering the convenience, drawing by [[Collegeboy]].
Image:Drop seat pajamas 1.jpg|Drop-seat pajamas, buttoned up...
[[Image:Drop seat pajamas 2.jpg|thumb|...and unbuttoned.]]
== See also ==
== Links ==
* [http://www.harpiesbizarreantiqbook.com/Dentonboox/gib/45135.jpgshtml Vintage ad for Dr. Denton's] '''(link broken as of 6/2008)'''
* [http://wwwdisciplinedomestique.thespankingblogonline.comfr/fesseeillustree/Patty/couleur/images/uploads/belt_spanking_strap19Patty-couleur001.jpg Example M/F dropDrop-seat pajamas spanking photodrawing] onby [[The Spanking BlogPatty]] (Warning: {{18+)}}
* [http://www.thespankingblog.com/images/uploads/belt_spanking_strap19.jpg Example M/F drop-seat pajamas spanking photo] on [[The Spanking Blog]] {{18+}}
*Governess Rules ([[Girl Spanks Girl]]), spanking video, [http://pinkfineart.com/girl-spanks-girl/governess-rules-2/80606/ gallery]
* [http://www.imagefap.com/gallery/2348258 Sleepover Spanking (M/FF Spanking with belt and paddle)], photo series {{18+}}
* [http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_SYYc3t0UBq4/SpqFibjuSJI/AAAAAAAACLQ/jrKtyA8ZUT4/s400/17-+Apr%C3%A8s+5697.jpg M/F spanking photo] {{18+}}
* [http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_SYYc3t0UBq4/SpqFhzz4kZI/AAAAAAAACLI/bdsBguzRj9o/s1600-h/18-+Apr%C3%A8s+5799.jpg /F spanking photo] {{18+}}
* [http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_rIJM5jOHoGk/SomYPgMlXUI/AAAAAAAABr4/X-_pAlhH3LU/s1600-h/f.jpg M/M spanking drawing] by [[Jonathan]] {{18+}}
* [http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_RvU9mq8an_E/SwsH4C6U0wI/AAAAAAAALSM/pw3StrAwLA4/s1600/KnBevline.jpg M/M spanking drawing] by [[Kokopuff]] {{18+}}
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