Drop-seat pajamas

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Drop-seat pajamas, also known as blanket sleepers, footed pajamas or Dr. Denton's, are a warm and comfortable one-piece sleeping garment with long sleeves and legs, sometimes with attached booties, commonly worn by infants and young children in the United States and Canada.

Drop-seat (also known as trap door or butt flap) refers to a flap at the buttocks that allows opening without undressing the garment. Traditionally the drop-seat closes with buttons, but modern versions often replace the buttons with snap fasteners. The drop-seat feature is designed to allow the person to use the toilet without removing the sleeper. However it is also convenient to give the wearer a bare bottom spanking.

For this reason, drop-seat pajamas are also spanking clothing and fetish clothing for spankophiles and sold in web shops such as Bobbie's DropSeats.

Drop-seats are also found in some long johns.

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