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A flagellant (from Latin flagellum = whip) is a person who whips himself, or willingly subjects himself to be whipped. This phenomenon and practice is also called flagellantism.

The term flagellant is used in the following main meanings:

  • to refer to a member of the Flagellants, a 13th and 14th century radical Christian movement
  • to refer to a BDSM practitioner whose main interest is in receiving floggings
  • to refer to a person who has a desire in, and/or takes pleasure from, being flogged or flogging themselves, not necessarily in a religious but not necessarily in a BDSM sense either


Some people understand the term flagellation to refer to harsh, severe whippings, like those used in the religious Flagellant movement or in the judicial corporal punishment of adults. Such chastisement is often, or typically, given on the person's back, and the derived term flagellant carries these connotations. The term spanking, on the other hand, is mostly used to refer to comparatively milder forms of corporal punishment, like those traditionally used to discipline children, and refers practically always to the chastisement of the buttocks only. People who call themselves flagellants and not spankers/spankees/spankophiles, or the other way round, may have this or a similar distinction in mind. It is not unusual for a flagellant (in the above sense of the word) to have a large area of their body whipped, or mainly their upper back area, whereas such practice is not appealing to most spankos.

This distinction of flagellation vs. spanking is not general however. There are also many people who consider spanking a subset of flagellation and consequently use the term flagellation to mean both. (more...)

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